Washing Machine Maintenance Recommendations

washer-machine-tipsWashing machines are a crucial element of any household. They allow us to wash large quantities of clothes at once, within the very least amount of time possible. You do not need to endanger your skin with any chemicals; you simply put all the clothes in your washer, program it and let it work. Automatic washers can save you a lot of time. Hence, it is only natural that nearly every single family has a washer or two in their house.

Even though the washing machine is a very durable device, it can also begin to malfunction in time, especially in case you have neglected all the maintenance tips. If you wish for your washing machine to work for as long as possible, providing you with effective service, it is important to stick to the following maintenance recommendations:

  • Leveling is very important. We all know how heavy all the modern washing machines really are. At a certain point, the washing machine will begin to vibrate. The vibration is going to be very intensive and it is crucial to make sure that your washer is leveled properly. Otherwise, it will start to move around your room, your kitchen or your bathroom and can damage surroundings. Furthermore, certain damage could be inflicted to the washing machine itself. Hence, make sure that your washer stands firmly and it will not move once the vibration begins.
  • Surface cleaning. The surface of your washing machine is usually made of stainless steel, so you could always use dish detergent and similar substances to clean it thoroughly every now and then.
  • Water hoses. Over time, water hoses in your washing machine may begin to leak. It is important to check out hoses every now and then in order to determine any signs of weakness. Most manufacturers recommend to replace those hoses every 5 years or so and you can always find water hoses that are made from stainless steel. That way, you will make sure that you water hoses will remain in mint condition for a much longer time period.
  • Lint disposal. All washing machines collect lint during their service. It is important to get rid of it properly. Various washers have different lint filters and you will need to check their manuals in order to find out how to clean those lint filters properly.

If you want your washing machine to work for a longer time without any issues, do not hesitate to follow the above-mentioned tips. If your washing machine broke down, contact our appliance repair company, and we will be happy to fix it for you.