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U-Line Appliances

If you are looking for built-in appliances to integrate into your modern home, U-Line is a exceptional choice. The company offers refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and beverage coolers to connect with your electric power system. They are durable, often made of stainless steel, and their electronics enables you to select different options for heating and cooling. In addition to integrative systems, U-line also offers outdoor appliances, so you can keep your food cool on your back patio or porch.

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Authorized U-Line Appliance Repair

Here at Lerman Appliances, we can resolve many issues with your U-Line appliance, including:

  • wrong temperature displaying
  • door not properly opening/closing
  • fan motor failure
  • appliance not turning on
  • ice production malfunction
  • appliance not cooling
  • excessive noise or vibrations emanating from appliance
  • appliance not properly leveled

U-Line Products We Service

U-Line Built-In Beverage Cooler

U-Line Built-In Wine Cooler

U-Line Built-In Ice Maker

U-Line Built-In Freezer

U-Line Outdoor Refrigerator

U-Line Outdoor Ice Maker