Freezer Repair

Freezer repair serviceOne of the worst scenarios anyone could ever suffer is a freezer breakdown, especially when the freezer in question is filled with food. Messy, not to mention expensive! With the right appliance repair service though, things don’t have to get to that level. Lerman Appliance Repair offers a prompt and efficient freezer repair service, delivered on the same day so you can save that food about to defrost and cost you even more money. Our same day service is rated as one of the top appliance repair services in Southern California and this is for good reason. In operation since 1986, our appliance repair service in Los Angeles has had more than enough time to design the perfect strategy to help our customers and deliver a repair service that leaves appliances repaired – long term!

Our factory trained engineers can be on your doorstep and ready to offer their expertise the same day you call us with your freezer repair request. While on duty, they not only perform repairs, but also instruct you on how to better maintain your freezer so future meltdowns can be avoided.
Lerman Appliance Repair service values its customers so much that upon first-time completion of repairs, which happens 97% of the time, we will immediately waive the call-out fee, thus saving you more money. We save time – you save money.

At Lerman Appliances our customer’s satisfaction comes before anything else and because of this, we do our utmost to keep you in the loop. No hidden costs and no surprises. A written estimate will be provided ‘before’ repairs begin so you can rest assured no extras will be added to the final bill. For more information call us at (877) 228–8092 or fill in the form on this website and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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