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Calabasas Appliance Repair

Appliance repair service in CalabasasWorking appliances are essential for maintaining a healthy balance within a household or place of work and without this, undue stress can be the result. At Lerman Appliance Repair we work hard to ensure our customers are treated to the most professional and dedicated repair service in Calabasas. Having trouble with your appliances? Call us and with our range of customer benefits and services, we guarantee your stress will be short lived as we don’t waste time. At Calabasas Appliance Repair, your appliance repair specialists, we understand the importance of a swift and efficient service that leaves no trace behind, except for fully working and functioning appliances.

We offer a service that covers both domestic and commercial sectors and no matter what the appliance or brand, our service can deal with it, such is the level of training our staff receives on a weekly basis. Since 2004, we have been serving Southern California and providing a high level of repair expertise. With 29 years experience in the repair industry, Calabasas Appliance Repair not only understands repairs inside out, but through trial and error, we have come to understand the needs of our customers so that each area of our service is customer friendly.

Our engineers receive training on a weekly basis from appliance manufacturers, in order to keep them up to speed with the latest developments in appliance repair and this means there are no surprises when our repair technicians are sent out on the job.

When you utilize our Calabasas appliance repair service you can expect:

• A fast, efficient service.
• Clean, friendly and helpful repair technicians.
• Useful advice to help you maintain your appliances.
• A fair and affordable pricing system.
• Same day service.
• High level of first time completion.


A Fast And Efficient Calabasas Appliance Repair Service

We know that when appliances break down, not everyone can wait 2 days or even a day for an appliance repair service and this is why we have developed a fast and efficient service that utilizes radio dispatched repair trucks. We don’t just deliver an excellent repair service on the same day; we can do it within 2 hours of your call during regular business hours. As well as a fast service, you can also be confident in us, knowing that our repair technicians are kept up to date with all new developments in the appliance market.

There is no time of day too inconvenient for us, nor is there even a time of the year that we will not supply you with one of the best appliance repair in Calabasas, because at Lerman Appliance Repair, we don’t rest.


Why We Have a High Rate of First Time Completion?

With one of the highest repair completion rates in the repair industry, we leave many a satisfied customer in our wake. This is because our repair technicians are well trained, in addition to the fact that they also carry over 90% of all parts on their trucks while out on the job. This means there is a very good chance that your appliance problem will be dealt with within just a few hours of you enlisting our aid. You also benefit in regards to the cost when we complete repairs first time because it is our pledge that should our repair technicians complete the repair job ‘first time’, we will waive the callout fee. In other words, you are almost guaranteed a free call out!


Calabasas Appliance Repair Center Offers a Fair and Transparent Service

Too many appliance repair services around at the moment put themselves before their customers, meaning unfair prices, hidden costs and charges that aren’t revealed until it’s too late. Our Calabasas appliance repair service is completely transparent in regards to the payment system.

When you call us and tell us about your appliance problem, we’ll diagnose the problem and prepare a written estimate which will be presented to you long before any repairs take place. This guarantees that later, you won’t be hit with hidden fees and charges that cause even more stress.
29 years of business has taught us that it is not only important to provide the best repair service in Southern California, repairs wise, it’s also important to offer a cost-effective and fair service that ensures our customers aren’t paying over the odds.


We Repair all Brands and Appliances

These days, appliance development has accelerated to such an extent that if an appliance repair company doesn’t keep up, their service will become obsolete in a short time. This is why at Calabasas appliance repair service; our technicians are constantly improving their skills and knowledge so that they can keep up with the many different brands and their continuing advancements. If you use our Calabasas appliance repair service, there is no chance that you will be sent a repair technician that does little more than scratch his head in confusion. Quite the opposite, you’ll be surprised at the level of expertise our repair technicians display.

Stove repair
Oven repair
Washer repair
Dryer repair
Dishwasher repair
Microwave oven repair
Refrigerator repair
Freezer repair
Ice maker repair

As you can see from the list of appliances above, our service repairs all the most important household and workplace appliances, and we also repair all of the major brands, such as:

• Miele
Fisher and Paykel
• Jenn-Air
• Thermador
Sub Zero

These are just a few of the brands that our technicians are bale to repair. Should your brand not be on the list, don’t worry. Simply call us and inform us of the brand you are using and you will more than likely find that we can also repair that, such is the skill of our repair technicians.


Payment Options

When it comes to payment, it couldn’t get any easier. We accept all major credit cards, ATM/Check cards, personal checks and cash.
You will also find that we have no need of any extra payment from you for evenings, weekends or holidays. We believe in delivering a service that offers as much as possible for your money, unlike other appliance repair services that charge wherever they can.

In order to utilize our Calabasas appliance repair service call us at (818) 510-4851 and one of our friendly members of staff will happily go over the appliance problem with you before sending someone out to your home to get your appliance problems solved first time, and ensure they stay that way for a long time! You can save time and fill out online request form here.