Best Choice in Under Counter Refrigerators

Over the last decade the under counter refrigerators have grown to become very popular. If you have a bar, chances are, you are also considering getting one yourself. If the kitchen is already expanded, you might be looking to get a somewhat smaller refrigerator for your kids to have instant access to the juice boxes and water.

It is rather difficult to pick a dominant brand. It all depends on what kind of products you intend to store in the fridge – food, beverages, wine or a combination of these. Hence, it is good to take a look at several models and brands.

For starters, let look at under counter versus freestanding fridges.

Under counter vs. freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding fridges are dorm. They are made of plastic and have compressors on the back; hence they cannot be placed right next to the cabinets without having the risk of the unit failing due to overheating. Most freestanding fridges are not that expensive and will not cost you more than a couple of hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, all the under counter fridges come with all steel cabinets. What is more important – the compressor is located under the unit, so you can build it in the bar or kitchen installation. A good under counter fridge will cost you several thousand dollars, so let us review the very best options.

Top 3 Under Counter Refrigerators

True TBC-24-R-OG-B – $3,649
True is one of the very best under counter fridges that are available in US. The refrigerator can be a storage for nearly any kind of products, including wine and various beverages. True is also equipped with a great compressor that can reach a very low temperatures (as low as 33 degrees). You can choose from 14 different LED internal colors, which is only fair, seeing how expensive the thing really is.

U-Line CO2175 – $2,399
U-Line is somewhat a step down from the previous option. Not so long ago the company has managed to change ownership to the Middleby Corp of Ohio. This is the very same company that fumbles around with Viking.

U-Line is well-known for being a decent combination of fridge units. They offer refrigerators that also happened to be icemakers and it is perfect for bar installations with constrained space.

Yale ND24BCG – $1,799
In some blog comparisons Yale is not really viewed favorably against True. However, this beverage center will cost you a whole lot less. It is also equipped with a genuinely powerful compressor for temperatures as low as 34 degrees.

The unit was manufactured and built in USA. It is the very best of the more affordable options on the market to date.

In Conclusion

You will need to pick the very best unit, which will satisfy your appliance needs and requirements. Even though True is the very best option so far, it is a very expensive appliance. If the price is very important for you, you can always go with the U-Line or Yale brands, which also represent a great choice. One way or the other, under counter fridges can be very useful and genuinely effective, so do not hesitate to make a choice.

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