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Proper Maintenance of Range, Stove And Oven

Broiler pan

In most ovens the broiler pan comes in porcelain-steels. In order to maintain it properly, you will need to clean it with a non-abrasive cleanser. In case you wish to replace the broiler pan, you can always try the one that is called Broiler Pan and Insert.

Control panel

The majority of ovens or range control panels come in glass or painted metal. It is safe to use non-abrasive cleaners to clean them. You can choose from a collection of stove, range or oven and deodorizer parts.

Keep in mind that spraying cleaners on the control panel is not a good idea. Just put some of the substance on a damp and soft rag and wipe the surface afterwards.


It is easy to clean any kind of porcelain cooktop with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Keep in mind that spraying cleaners on the control panel is not a good idea. Just put some of the substance on a damp and soft rag and wipe the surface afterwards.

Burner drip pans (bowls)

In most cases you will need to replace the drip pans and bowls under the grates on a gas range or stove as well as under the heating element of the electric stove or range every couple of years. This is due to the fact that if those are stained, you will be unable to clean them completely.

Glass cooktops and windows

Remember that you should clean ceramic and glass cooktops only with products that were specifically manufactured for that same purpose.

You can clean your glass oven windows with any oven glass cleaner, but note that it is dangerous to clean hot glass surfaces.

Knob care

It is absolutely safe to clean your knobs on the range or oven using only a little dish detergent as well as a damp rag. However, in case the lettering and the numbers have worn away, it is best to replace the knobs to begin with.

Light bulbs

You can always replace light bulbs in the oven or range, but you may have to remove the glass covering first in order to reach it. The majority of interior oven lights need a universal 40 watt appliance bulb.


If the oven is self-cleaning, it is best to read the manual first in order to learn how this feature works. It functions through heating the interior of the oven to the temperature so hot that it can incinerate the residue inside the oven. In most cases, you should avoid cleaning a self-cleaning oven’s interiors with a spray cleaner. The owner’s manual will provide you with more accurate info.

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Best Choice in Under Counter Refrigerators

Over the last decade the under counter refrigerators have grown to become very popular. If you have a bar, chances are, you are also considering getting one yourself. If the kitchen is already expanded, you might be looking to get a somewhat smaller refrigerator for your kids to have instant access to the juice boxes and water.

It is rather difficult to pick a dominant brand. It all depends on what kind of products you intend to store in the fridge – food, beverages, wine or a combination of these. Hence, it is good to take a look at several models and brands.

For starters, let look at under counter versus freestanding fridges.

Under counter vs. freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding fridges are dorm. They are made of plastic and have compressors on the back; hence they cannot be placed right next to the cabinets without having the risk of the unit failing due to overheating. Most freestanding fridges are not that expensive and will not cost you more than a couple of hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, all the under counter fridges come with all steel cabinets. What is more important – the compressor is located under the unit, so you can build it in the bar or kitchen installation. A good under counter fridge will cost you several thousand dollars, so let us review the very best options.

Top 3 Under Counter Refrigerators

True TBC-24-R-OG-B – $3,649
True is one of the very best under counter fridges that are available in US. The refrigerator can be a storage for nearly any kind of products, including wine and various beverages. True is also equipped with a great compressor that can reach a very low temperatures (as low as 33 degrees). You can choose from 14 different LED internal colors, which is only fair, seeing how expensive the thing really is.

U-Line CO2175 – $2,399
U-Line is somewhat a step down from the previous option. Not so long ago the company has managed to change ownership to the Middleby Corp of Ohio. This is the very same company that fumbles around with Viking.

U-Line is well-known for being a decent combination of fridge units. They offer refrigerators that also happened to be icemakers and it is perfect for bar installations with constrained space.

Yale ND24BCG – $1,799
In some blog comparisons Yale is not really viewed favorably against True. However, this beverage center will cost you a whole lot less. It is also equipped with a genuinely powerful compressor for temperatures as low as 34 degrees.

The unit was manufactured and built in USA. It is the very best of the more affordable options on the market to date.

In Conclusion

You will need to pick the very best unit, which will satisfy your appliance needs and requirements. Even though True is the very best option so far, it is a very expensive appliance. If the price is very important for you, you can always go with the U-Line or Yale brands, which also represent a great choice. One way or the other, under counter fridges can be very useful and genuinely effective, so do not hesitate to make a choice.

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Best Way To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Appliance Package

My home is my fortress. We all know that old saying and very few people will be able to argue with it. After all, is there a more welcoming, comfortable and genuinely safe place than your own house? Where else are you going to feel just as good? With that said, although you may feel like you are in a fortress when you are home, it still does not actually mean that your house should also look like an ancient citadel. After all, those grim fortifications were dark and grayish and we are used to having more space and light these days. Of course, this is one of the many reasons why it is a good idea to redecorate the house. After all, changing something in your interior may be quite beneficial for you. Yet, where should you begin? Well, there are a few suggestions. First of all, think about the kitchen area. All things considered, this is a very important place, where you cook and eat on a day to day basis. Hence, it should look cozy and nice, stylish and refined at the same time.

The market is pretty much filled with all kinds of offers these days that will easily satisfy even the most sophisticated needs and requirements. You have ovens, refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers available for you. One way or the other, you will probably need all of those in your kitchen area.

You can always browse the market and the World Wide Web in search of separate home appliances, but it will take you a lot of time and may not deliver proper results, not to mention the fact that you will have to spend a small fortune. If you intend to find a more convenient and budget-friendly option, we recommend you to check out amazing KitchenAid packages, which represent the very best deals on the market to date.

Why should you buy all the necessary kitchen appliances separately if you can order all in a single package? Why spend your time, efforts and money trying to find appliances that will complete one another, when you can get a full package from a single manufacturer.

If you wish to have a genuinely stylish as well as fully functional kitchens, it is best to order a KitchenAid package that will save your money and will make your kitchen look even better. It is a highly sophisticated and yet affordable solution that will satisfy all of your needs and requirements in full and for a fair price – what more could you possibly wish for?

Did You Notice Your Ice maker Cubes Taste Funny? Fix This Issue Quickly And Effectively!

In these modern days of innovative technologies as well as various progressive advancements it is rather difficult to overestimate the value of various home appliances. Even though various sophisticated devices, gadgets and gizmos are incredibly important for our day to day living, one must not forget that home appliances are just as invaluable or even more so for everyone. Just think about it – how would you cook your meals without your oven or your microwave? How would you wash your clothes without a washing machine? How will you clean your floor without a vacuum cleaner? Finally, where will you store your food without a refrigerator?

Speaking of the refrigerator – what will you do on a hot summer day in case you would want to freshen up a bit? Of course, you will want to get ice cubes from the ice maker in order to put them in your drink. Ice makers are pretty much invaluable on warm sunny days, especially if you need to freshen up quickly and effectively. However, on some occasions, people notice that ice cubes, which they get from their icemakers, taste bad or smell funny. No need to worry – you will not have to buy a brand new fridge just cause your ice cubes are weird – there are plenty of solutions that may help you solve the problem quickly and effectively.

First of all, check your water filtration system for possible clogs or dirt and replace it if needed. This is one of the most common reasons why the ice cubes may smell and taste weird. In fact, fridge filters should be replaced every six months or so. In case you are not entirely sure how to change your filters, check out the owner’s manual or better yet get in touch with an experienced as well as genuinely qualified expert at the earliest opportunity.

The second most common reason why you may get weird tasting ice cubes is the fact that you are simply using stale ice cubes. At times, people put water in the fridge and forget about it for months or more. Of course, in time, cubes will become stale and will absorb surrounding smells.

Unhealthy water supply is also something that may result in bad smelling and tasting ice cubes. Of course, dealing with this issue may be a bit more tricky, especially if you do not really know how to approach it. Still, if you are not entirely certain, feel free to call for qualified help as soon as it is possible. Ice cubes may absorb all surrounding smells from the improperly wrapped food. This is also a common reason why ice cubes smell or taste funny. Make sure that all your food is wrapped properly and stored in proper conditions. Food spills or mildew growth may also contribute to bad tasting ice cubes, so it is advisable to clean your fridge properly every now and then.

In the end, if you are not sure why your ice cubes smell or taste bad, it is best to let actual experts handle the issue properly. They will examine the fridge and the ice maker in general in order to determine what is causing the problem. They will provide you with a quick and effective solution, so you will not need to deal with the issue on your own.

Couple Tips About Kitchen Safety

It is rather difficult to imagine a much better way to spend your time than with your family. Only when all your friends and loved ones gather around one table can you truly appreciate what life has to offer.

A good get together demands plenty of preparations. That is right – those meals are not going to cook for themselves you know. Of course, you will want to offer the best kind of food to your guests. However, do not be too enthusiastic – never lose your head, never rush and stay safe.

Did you know that a lot of people are hospitalized because of the burns, knife cuts and eye irritation every year, the injuries and traumas acquired in their own kitchen?

Even if you are inclined to prepare the best and most exquisite meal imaginable, plan your time and make sure not to rush. Even if the guests will arrive in an hour, you still have enough to figure something out. More importantly, do not forget to follow some simple rules and you are going to be fine:

  • Do not forget to wash your hands before cooking
  • Do not forget to wipe any spills. After all, you can slip and fall, which may result in injuries
  • Do not forget to unplug any appliances prior to touching edges or blades
  • Do not forget to store some baking soda in case you will need to take care of grease fire
  • Do not forget to purchase a fire extinguisher – it should also be nearby

The above-mentioned rules are simple to follow, but there are also things that you must never do, regardless of how hasty you want to be and namely:

  • Never cook in loose clothes that can easily be caught on fire
  • Never depend on texture and color of the food when trying to figure out whether it is done
  • Never use tin foil in your microwave

Of course, these are not all the recommendations you should stick to – only the most basic ones. Still, if you wish to avoid any injuries or traumas, it is important to follow those rules. Safety should always come first, no matter how late you may be, think about your health and wellbeing. Even a family get together is not worth being cut or burned, so make sure you do your best to remain safe at all time. For more information contact our Los Angeles appliance repair center and we will be glad to assist you.

Grill safety tips and recommendations

It is rather difficult to imagine a more appropriate family get together than traditional barbeque. Indeed, barbeque has long since turned into a genuine part of the national culture. Inviting all your friends and loved ones over for some truly delicious home cooked meals is something that cannot be overestimated.

With that said, in most cases, people use their grills to cook pizza, hamburgers, kebab as well as other meals. Cooking on a grill is also very traditional and gives food a very peculiar taste that cannot be compared to anything else you have eaten. Still, according to the official statistical data, every year thousands of houses are burned and thousands of people are injured due to careless grill usage. Indeed, from a great asset your grill may turn into a genuine disaster.

If you would like to avoid any unpleasant situations and wish to learn more about safe grill usage, our appliance repair Los Angeles service center recommends you to stick to the following tips and recommendations:

  • First of all, if you wish to prevent any fire emergencies from ever occurring, it is important to remember that you should always grill outside your home. Regardless of whether you have a charcoal or a propane grill, it is best to use it outside at all times.
  • Clean your grill thoroughly every time. Make sure that all the grease and fat is gone – these can burn very quickly and extensively, so it is best not to leave any on your grill.
  • Keep your grill as far away from your home, tree branches and anything that can burn quickly. That way, you will be able to minimize the dangers.
  • Keep your children away from the grill. Generally, grills heat up very quickly, so a child can easily be injured in case of careless usage.
  • In case you are using propane grill, do not forget to check for any leaks. If you found one, close the propane tank immediately and get in touch with a qualified technician.
  • Do not forget to check the temperature of food and cook thoroughly.

In the end, if you will follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you will be able to avoid any dangerous situations, which will in turn allow you to enjoy having a nice meal with your friends and loved ones.

Washing Machine Maintenance Recommendations

washer-machine-tipsWashing machines are a crucial element of any household. They allow us to wash large quantities of clothes at once, within the very least amount of time possible. You do not need to endanger your skin with any chemicals; you simply put all the clothes in your washer, program it and let it work. Automatic washers can save you a lot of time. Hence, it is only natural that nearly every single family has a washer or two in their house.

Even though the washing machine is a very durable device, it can also begin to malfunction in time, especially in case you have neglected all the maintenance tips. If you wish for your washing machine to work for as long as possible, providing you with effective service, it is important to stick to the following maintenance recommendations:

  • Leveling is very important. We all know how heavy all the modern washing machines really are. At a certain point, the washing machine will begin to vibrate. The vibration is going to be very intensive and it is crucial to make sure that your washer is leveled properly. Otherwise, it will start to move around your room, your kitchen or your bathroom and can damage surroundings. Furthermore, certain damage could be inflicted to the washing machine itself. Hence, make sure that your washer stands firmly and it will not move once the vibration begins.
  • Surface cleaning. The surface of your washing machine is usually made of stainless steel, so you could always use dish detergent and similar substances to clean it thoroughly every now and then.
  • Water hoses. Over time, water hoses in your washing machine may begin to leak. It is important to check out hoses every now and then in order to determine any signs of weakness. Most manufacturers recommend to replace those hoses every 5 years or so and you can always find water hoses that are made from stainless steel. That way, you will make sure that you water hoses will remain in mint condition for a much longer time period.
  • Lint disposal. All washing machines collect lint during their service. It is important to get rid of it properly. Various washers have different lint filters and you will need to check their manuals in order to find out how to clean those lint filters properly.

If you want your washing machine to work for a longer time without any issues, do not hesitate to follow the above-mentioned tips. If your washing machine broke down, contact our appliance repair company, and we will be happy to fix it for you.

Refrigerator Repair Tips And Recommendations

refrigerator-repair-tipsIn these modern days of innovative technologies as well as all kinds of progressive solutions we are all well used to being surrounded by all sorts of devices, gadgets and gizmos that help in alleviating our everyday routines. Sure enough, our smartphones and tablet PCs are important but one must not forget about some vital home appliances such as the refrigerator. After all, what are you going to do in case your fridge will begin to malfunction? Well, you could get in touch with the repair services, but there are a few things that you could try yourself, since at times all it takes is just a few minutes of work:

– First of all, check if your refrigerator is leveled. To do so, simply convey a standard carpenter’s level right on top of the fridge. Check out the casters of legs. In case you are not reaching the ground, you will need to make a couple of adjustments. Get an adjustable wrench and adjust the legs or use a screwdriver for the casters. Once you are done, check the level just like you did before in order to make sure that you have reached desired results.

– At times, the light bulb will not work and the sunshine will not come up when you open the door of your fridge. If so, make sure you purchase a 40-watt appliance lamp. Do not buy the standard ones. First, unplug the fridge and then install the new light bulb. In case it still does not work, the issue may be a result of the door or perhaps the wiring.

– Although most spare parts of the refrigerator work for a very long time, things like the gasket are not as sturdy and you may need to change them. Appliance stores will provide you with the new gasket in no time. However, before you go looking for the new gasket, make sure to write down the model of your old gasket so as to find the exact one that you will be able to install in your appliance. When you are installing the gasket, make sure that you are not over tightening the screw, since it may damage the part.

– Sometimes one will need to alter the door-swing direction. Although it is a convenient thing that will allow you to move the fridge to a better place, where the door will not bother you, getting through the user’s manual in this cases may prove to be rather difficult and you will need to get in touch with an expert.

– Finally, the issue may be with your ice maker. If your ice maker stopped generating ice, you will need to perform a series of rather sophisticated actions that may involve manipulations with the water pipe. If you are not entirely certain that you will be able to deal with the issue properly, it would be advisable to contact a specialist in order to resolve the matter within the very least amount of time possible.

If the problem is not resolved through the above-mentioned actions, just get in touch with a repair service and wait for the trained professional to take a closer look at your fridge. This will surely help you deal with the trouble. Click here to go back to the service repair homepage.

Gas or Electricity? What Kind of Oven is Best For You?

We all have tons of devices, gadgets and gizmos that aid us immensely in our day to day living. Sure enough, we have a number of sophisticated technologies that are capable of performing difficult as well as intricate tasks. Smart phones, personal computers, laptops and tablet PCs – we simply cannot imagine our life without them anymore. The market these days is also filled with all kinds of home appliances that are necessary for satisfying our very basic needs. How will you wash your clothes without your washing machine and, more importantly, how will you cook your own food without an oven? That is right – ovens are necessary and crucial for just about any household. Well, you can find any type of oven you like, but the main issue remains – will you choose a gas oven or perhaps an electric one? Well, if it comes to this choice, the options are actually pretty straightforward. First of all, a lot of people tend to choose electric ovens for their affordable prices. Yes, electric ovens are budget-friendly, but it does not necessarily make them cheaper versions of the genuine gas powered ovens. Electric ovens heat up very slowly and, subsequently, cool down at a slow rate too. Hence, if you are a fan of cooking and wish to prepare multiple dishes at once, you will be having trouble with your electric oven as it will not be able to handle all the tasks simultaneously. Still, most electric ovens are easy to clean and are portable, which makes them quite handy if you need to cook only the basic things that will keep you going the whole day.

When it comes to the gas oven, you will also find some advantages and some downsides. First of all, gas powered ovens do not come cheap and you will have to invest a lot more money into this home appliance. Still, gas ovens heat up instantaneously and cool down very quickly, which is perfect for people, who like cooking a lot of things and spend most of their free time in the kitchen. Yet, gas ovens require a lot of space and are not portable. They are much tougher to clean, but some individuals consider that moister even helps at keeping proper warmth. One way or another, the final choice is yours. Just keep in mind – electric ovens are great for those of us, who spend minimal amount of time cooking and gas powered ovens are necessary for people, who simply cannot imagine their day to day living without coming up with new meals every other day or so.

It is also important to know an oven repair specialist, who would be able to deal with any kind of arising issue. After all, regardless of whether it may be an electric oven or perhaps a gas powered one, it can always begin malfunctioning. The problem is especially serious, if we are talking about the gas ovens, since gas can provoke a fire, so it is advisable to get in touch with an experts as soon as you think that something is wrong. Sure enough, there is a huge number of repairmen available on the market these days. However, you will need to choose the most reliable one, with years of experience and all the necessary skills that would allow him to deal with your troubles quickly and efficiently. It does not matter if your oven is new or old, big or small, electric or gas powered – a good repair specialist will know how to approach any of those kitchen appliances and will deliver the best results within the very least amount of time possible. Search the net in order to find the one expert that will never let you down and have his contact information nearby in order to call him as soon as some troubles arise. At times, there is no need for you to buy new ovens, when you can actually repair the old one.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Home Appliances

Nowadays it is rather difficult to imagine our day to day living without various innovative technological advancements that significantly ease our regular routines. Furthermore, even though such devices, gadgets and gizmos as personal computers, laptops, tablet PCs and smartphones have literally changed the world during the last decades, do not forget about your invaluable home appliances that could prove to be invaluable for your everyday existence. That is right – can you imagine doing laundry without your washing machine? How about warming your food without your microwave oven? Perhaps you know a way to clean your floor coverings without having to use your vacuum cleaner? One way or another, home appliances are much more important than some people are used to thinking. Furthermore, some of those machines can be irreplaceable or cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is in your best interests to take great care of your home appliances at all times. Of course, no machine is absolutely perfect, but you can prolong its service by following some simple rules that will allow your appliances to be effective for many years to come.

First of all, do not forget about the regular maintenance. Most Los Angeles home appliances need to be inspected by specialists, who will determine if your machines have any issues and will thoroughly clean them from dust or dirt that often can be found inside nearly any device. Furthermore, some machines require regular maintenance more than others. For instance, your washing machine and air conditioner should be inspected at least once a year, so you will do yourself a favor by using the services of the qualified professionals, who will make sure that your device will continue to work for a long time. Aside from maintenance, you could clean some of your Los Angeles home appliances on your own. Of course, some devices require certain skills to clean and yet most of them can be approached without any proper qualifications. You can read the instructions or browse the World Wide Web for some guidance, but generally you can easily clean your refrigerator, after disconnecting it from the grid, just as well as you can clean your microwave oven or dishwasher. Cleaning your home appliances on regular basis will ensure their prolonged service.

Do not forget about keeping any of your home appliances away from streaming sunlight. Direct sunrays can heat up the surface of the devices, which will affect the inner components in a very deteriorating way. Most home appliances cannot withstand overheating and hence it is very important to keep them away from your windows, especially during the summer season. Finally, it is also quite important to keep your home appliances as far from moist places as it is possible. Moisture can also reach the inner components of your devices, which will subsequently deal permanent damages. Therefore, it is best to keep your home appliances in dry places, away from any kind of moisture.

In the end, if you are concerned about the condition of some of your appliances, it is best to call the professional Los Angeles appliance repair service. Do not attempt to manage the problem on your own – you may damage some inner components or even get an injury in the process. In case you are not sure, what exactly is the matter and you do not know precisely how to fix it, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer’s representatives and ask them for assistance. However, if you were following all of the above-mentioned guidelines, chances are, you do not need to fix anything, since your home appliances work perfectly well already.

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