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Home appliances make our lives easier every day. Whether it is a fridge, washer, or dishwasher, all of these appliances save us time, and have become a major part of our lives. But sometimes they can break; when they break they cause us stress, panic, and uncertainty. Pasadena appliance repair service will make a service call to your house in Pasadena to determine the problem and fix the issue. We carry a large variety of parts in the trucks in order to do as many repairs on site as possible. If there is an event where we don’t have the part, we will order it from a local supplier and most of the time we can be back within a few days. In Pasadena we service a large variety of appliances such as:


Some problems may be more obvious than others. Sometimes the appliances will break and it will be clear that it is broken and needs service, but sometimes appliances will give some sort of signs that something is wrong, and in those cases you can get it repaired before it causes more damage, and before it fully dies. We always recommend that you pay attention to your appliances, such as notice a new sound it makes, or notice that the washer is shaking during spin, sometimes a refrigerator will build up ice on the back wall of the freezer, that is also an indicator that something is wrong. So basically as a user of the appliance we recommend that you just keep an eye on the appliance and try to note new noises or occurrences.


Pasadena Appliance Repair Services Most Brands With Very Few Exceptions. A Brief List Of Brands Is As Follows:


This is just a brief list, there are many more brands that we specialize in. Contact us with your appliance brand and problem and we will work with you on getting everything back to normal. There are some service calls which could be prevented by checking a few simple things before calling us. We always recommend that you check the following things before setting up an appointment for service. For washers, make sure the water is not shut off and that the plug is connected, and that the drain line is not backing up.

For dryers make sure that the Gas is on, the Plug is connected, and that there is air coming out of the exit if the exhaust vent. If the dryer is running and heating but the clothes aren’t drying, you need to make sure the exhaust vent is not blocked. If there is little or no air coming out of there you should call a Vent Cleaning Specialist first. Vents should be cleaned annually but it may vary depending on how the vent is constructed and what kind of material is dried in the dryer.


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appliance repair PasadenaIn other words you need to check and make sure that all of the appliances have power to them, it could be with a regular plug, or circuit breaker. For the appliances that use water, make sure the water is not shut off, and for Gas appliances make sure the Gas is not shut off. But we strongly discourage going further then that if you are unfamiliar with the repair process, because there are risks of getting shocked, causing a water leak and a gas leak. We are all for people doing as much as they can themselves, but an accident is not worth trying fix the appliances yourself. We always say that if you have even slightest bit of doubt, or you have not seen it taken apart, then call in the Lerman appliance repair in Pasadena.

We at Pasadena appliance repair service center will make this experience as easy as possible for you. We understand that we are here to fix your equipment, but at the same we strive to do it with most convenience and comfort for the customer. And our end result is a working appliance, a satisfied customer, and a good future referral. For more information contact us at (877) 228-8092.