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Moorpark Appliance Repair

In this day and age, we have come to rely on not just one or two appliances as before, but a whole range such as refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dryers, dishwashers and often most important of all – washing machines. When appliances are well maintained and functioning as they should, all is well and a good balance can be kept within a household or place of work.

However, naturally, it is easy to take these appliances for granted and when that happens, breakdowns and malfunctions occur which usually take us by complete surprise. What happens then? At this point, stress ensues as we realize our freezer is about to defrost with 2 weeks worth of food still stored within or it becomes obvious that the dishes are now going to have to be done by hand! These seemingly small interruptions in our daily life can have a tremendous effect on our schedules and waste more time than we have, trying to figure what the problem is.

If you find that one of your appliances is no longer functioning as it should, then your best chance of a swift return to normality is to call in a Moorpark appliance repair service to fix the problem. Lerman Appliance Repair Service is a professional and trustworthy service that can solve your appliance repair problems the same day with as little fuss as possible. With over a decade of experience in the appliance repair industry, Lerman Appliance Repair not only understands appliances but most importantly – our customers.


We Repair a Wide Range of Appliances In Moorpark, CA

With more than ten years experience in the repair industry, Lerman Appliance Repair has a substantial amount of experience with a wide range of appliances. Our experienced technicians are well trained, licensed, insured and highly capable of taking care of:

Our Moorpark appliance repair service is customer friendly and patient with all callers and whatever inquiry you may have about your appliances, do not hesitate to call us and you will be given the answers you need.


Appliance Brands We Service in Moorpark

As well as a range of appliances, we also service a variety of brands from the least known to the most well known brands such as Whirlpool and LG. To put it simply – you would be hard-pressed to find a brand that we do not service. If you don’t see your appliance brand on the list below, simply call us and inform us of your brand and we will more than likely service that too. We Repair:


A Moorpark Appliance Repair Service You Can Trust

If there is one thing that puts people off using repair services, it is the lack of trustworthiness among so many appliance repair services today. Our appliance repair in Moorpark service, with over ten years experience has seen it all. The newer appliance repair services currently in abundance all over Moorpark and America are severely lacking in customer service and care, but worst of all, there is a lack of trust between customer and service. Quite often, the repairs are done and having already been quoted a price, you are about to pay when you notice a list of extra charges surreptitiously added to the bill.

Unfortunately, this is an altogether too familiar scenario wherever you are but Moorpark Appliance Repair is a service you can trust and we prove this – in writing! We will give you a written guarantee that the service you receive will not only be swift and professional but also trustworthy and completely transparent.

As a locally owned and operated service, we know the area, its people and most importantly of all, what customers expect from a Moorpark appliance repair service. Our family-owned business is fully insured and all of our employees are tested for drugs along with criminal background checks to ensure that you receive the best service we can offer.


Great Customer Service is Our Priority

From the very beginning, our priority was customer service. This was over ten years ago and during that time we have honed and refined our service to develop it into one of the most reliable and customer friendly Moorpark Appliance Repair services around. Our aim is to provide you with polite, friendly and clean technicians who arrive quickly, repair efficiently and leave your property as it was when they found it. Not only that, but Lerman Appliance Repair Service also has a high rate of first time job completion as our trucks are stocked with a wide inventory of parts and components. This means most of the time; we arrive fully prepared with no need of a second visit, whilst also ensuring your appliances stay repaired.


Contact Us To Avoid Extra Fees

The condition of your appliances will, over time, gradually deteriorate and eventually require repairs. Whatever you do, do not attempt to repair appliances on your own with no prior experience. At least call Lerman Appliance Repair Service and consult one of our operators who will be able to help diagnose the problem for you and arrange a swift repair if necessary. When you call us, your satisfaction is our aim and therefore we strive to deal with our clients with the utmost patience and consideration. It can be a stressful time and you may also be tempted to replace your broken appliance but do not be too hasty.

Call Lerman Appliance Repair and we could save you money on purchasing a new appliance as repairs are not always extensive. Sometimes the problem is minor but you have no experience and so can not determine the cause – we can and we will strive to do it swiftly and professionally.

Having trouble with your appliances? Call our Moorpark appliance repair service at (877) 228-8092 or use our online contact form, and we will relieve your appliance headache.