About Us

los-angeles-appliance-repair-teamLerman Appliances has over a decade of experience in providing the finest home appliance repair throughout the different cities in California. As a family owned business, our values lean towards providing an appliance repair service that values our customers above all else. This means that we strive to meet the highest standards of appliance repair whilst maintaining strong interpersonal relationships with our customers. We are renowned among our customers for consistently completing repairs first time and doing the job the way it should be done.

The Lerman Appliances Team

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable repair experts is one of the finest in greater Los Angeles. Modern appliances by brands such as Dacor, maytag, Sub-Zero, Viking, Bosch, Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, GE etc are notoriously difficult to repair. Your average handyman may be a dab hand at repairing older models but when it comes to modern appliances, you need that extra slice of technical know-how. We repair all modern brands with little fuss and ensure that they continue to serve you efficiently for years to come. If your appliance needs repairs quickly and painlessly, Lerman Appliances is just a phone call away.

Range of Services

Nowadays, there is a wealth of appliance services to choose from in Los Angeles. However, as great as that seems, many of these services are lacking when it comes to professionalism and customer care. As a locally run, family owned business, our level of commitment to our customers is akin to that of one family member to another. We care for our customers and understand that trust plays a huge part when choosing a repair service. If you can’t trust the person hired to repair your appliances, you are better off finding someone else rather than fret over their intentions. That’s why we prioritize customer service and care above all else. To this end, we provide:

* Written estimates before repairs begin, which must be authorized by you.
* Genuine, sturdy factory parts – No imitations!
* Fully attentive, professional and friendly repair technicians.
* Highly trained and licensed repair technicians.
* A written guarantee that ensures our work meets your requirements.
* Same day service and in nine out of ten cases – fully completed repairs on the day.
* No extra cost for travel, weekends or late night calls!

Genuine, State of the Art Equipment and Parts

It is a sad fact of life that many appliance repair services cut corners by using inferior or imitation parts when repairing appliances. At Lerman Appliances, we frown on such unprofessional, not to mention short-sighted practices. We have no doubt that should we have taken the same route, we wouldn’t be here with ten years of experience behind us. When you use our service, all parts provided are genuine and of the highest quality and this reflects our focus on customer care and quality service. Not only that, but each of our repair trucks is brimming with 90% of the most commonly needed parts which ensures a high percentage of first-time repairs. For more in-depth technical information visit our appliance blog.

Customers Come First

Renowned throughout Los Angeles area for providing a top quality Los Angeles appliance repair service that promises 100% commitment and customer care, we are first on the list of many businesses and home owners. We don’t rest on our laurels, however. On the contrary, it is our aim to continually evolve to not just keep up with developing appliance technologies but also to seek new ways to meet the needs of our valued customers. For an appliance repair service that values trust and quality repair above all else, call Lerman Appliances today and we’ll practice what we preach!

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