A Little History About Bosch

Did you know that the Bosch Company was founded back in 1886 by Robert Bosch in his electrical workshop? The workshop was specialized in precise engineering as well as mechanics. During the period from 1905 and up to 1908 the company was called the Bosch Magneto Company and it was not manufacturing any products. However, in 1912 the company built its very first factory.

The first Bosch appliance came out in 1933. The creator of the company, Robert Bosch, passed later, in 1942. The company remained and came up with a food processor 10 years later. The appliance was designed to help the housewives with cooking. The appliance was stylish and genuinely beneficial for the kitchen. At times, even Bosch products require appliance repair service. The Bosch Company designed its first refrigerator back in 1956 – it was incredibly heavy, but it was also very efficient. That year the company also started working on various freezers that were manufactured for the food service industry.

The Bosch Company was second to come up with clothes washing machine back in 1958. This clothes washing machine was also very first of the company’s appliances among many washing machines to come. Furthermore, Bosch later came up with a special all-in-one machine for washing clothes. The very first dishwasher rom the Bosch Company came out back in 1964. Nevertheless, these machines back then were not the most common home appliances and their time was yet to come.

In 1967 the Bosch Company also joined with the Siemens Company in order to create a new company. They even designed a special environmental guide for their own policies on manufacturing their products. One way or the other, the Bosch appliance repair service may be necessary after years of using their products. A good example of the environment friendly projects is the AquaStop technology in 1966. The technology was aimed at preventing the water leakage from dishwashers.

Furthermore, later on, in 1989 Bosch also came up with the induction cooktop. It was using the electromagnetic energy as the main energy source for cooking meals. The technology literally transformed the pan into the source of the heat instead of the stove top. For some kitchens this type of food cooking turned into a tradition.

The Bosch Company was not working with the US market up until 1991. Soon after the company stopped utilizing HFCs and CFCs in their devices the Bosch Company started producing more products for the US market in 1997. At times, even induction cooktops require appliance repair services. In 2006 the Bosch Company started producing refrigerators in US. The Bosch Company also received plenty of rewards from Energy Star, since it is producing effective and lucrative devices.